Master Chief Halo

Halo The Spartan Collection Bundle. 6 Figures, Master Chief, Jorge-052 And More


This Halo bundle features six highly detailed action figures from The Spartan Collection. Fans of the popular game franchise can add to their collection with the included characters of Master Chief, Jorge-052, Spartan MK VII, Elite Mercenary, and Spartan Gungnir. Each figure is crafted with intricate details and articulation for posing and display. The bundle is perfect for both new and long-time collectors of Halo memorabilia. The figures come in their original packaging.. Read More

HALO The Spartan Collection Wave 6 Chief Spartan Venator Linda-058 Full Set of 4


The HALO Spartan Collection Wave 6 Chief Spartan Venator Linda-058 Full Set of 4 is the ultimate addition to any HALO fan’s collection. This set includes four action figures, each with their own unique features and accessories, including the Z-110 Boltshot and Z-180 Scattershot. The characters included are Carter-A259, Spartan Venator, Master Chief, and Linda-058, all beautifully crafted with intricate details and made of high-quality plastic. The HALO Spartan Collection Wave 6 Chief.. Read More

Toy Figure Gaming Heads Halo3 Master Chief Spartan 117 1/4 Finished Statue


Warm greetings from Japan. Thank you very much for visiting our listing. Spartan 117 Master Chief Halo3 1/4 Finished Statue Figure Gaming Heads It will be a product that does not show any particular problems, but since it is a used product, there may be minor rubbing or discoloration on the outer Specification Product: Spartan 117 Master Chief HALO3 1/4 Finished Statue Figure (Overseas Distribution Version) Gaming Heads Appearance: Halo3 Size: 1/4 scale.. Read More